Registration for this event is closed, but you can still make a difference in the lives of people experiencing hunger and homelessness by donating any amount using the button below. All proceeds will be shared by Saving Grace and Stephen Center to help the hungry and homeless in the Omaha metro. Thank for your support.

Experience sponsored by America National Bank. Food provided by Attitude On Food. Media sponsored by WMK Media.

Thanks to the generosity of American National Bank, 100% of your contribution will directly support Saving Grace Perishable Food Rescue and Stephen Center.

Let's Set The Scene:
You are sitting down for a much needed pre-made meal just one week before Thanksgiving. Before you begin to eat, your dinner party draws cards and yours says "low cost meal". As you're handed a paper bag, you watch everyone else enjoy the take-n-bake casserole they were lucky enough to receive. You're not exactly happy with your dinner but it's only one night; soon you'll be sitting down to a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal. To many in the Omaha Metro, food insecurity isn't a game; this is their reality. This could be the reality of a child who depended on the school for proper nutrition but is now learning at home. This could be the reality off your coworker, next-door neighbor or a family member. Often the only thing separating a person from food insecurity and/or homelessness is luck, just like the paper bag card. After dinner everyone enjoys equal dessert (if choosing to donate a frozen turkey or ham) and uses the interactive infographic/short documentaries to become educated on food waste, homelessness and how your donation helps those in the Omaha Metro area.